Digital marketing has taken over the web,
completely upending traditional methods
of connecting with buyers.

This shift is driving companies around the globe to rethink their strategies.

Old-school marketing interrupts the customer experience. But just because customers are blocking your marketing attempts doesn’t mean they don’t want to hear from you. It just means that you need a new approach. Enter ALSOF. We have been leading the charge for nearly a decade toward a customer-centric approach that draws brands into the intersection of technology and honest-to-goodness relationships.

Our marketing toolkit is overflowing with years of creative experience in driving many of the top companies around the globe to greater success. We’ve also developed and patented a marketing system to consistently give our customers the upper hand. Even now as voice search, video and social media powered by artificial intelligence, takes over the digital landscape, we are pioneering.

When wanting to turn a profit, numbers matter. But we don’t live by them because we know the fastest way to your ROI goals is not by obsessing over them, but by connecting with consumers in genuine and inspirational ways.

Every decision we’ve made along the way has aimed at just that.

The Evolution of Publishing

Here's Our Story

Justin Theng founded ALSOF Publishing nine years ago. He first began his career as a consultant and Art Director for several small ad agencies, before becoming a multi-award winning Creative Director at some of the most celebrated ad agencies in the world. With the awards pouring in, he determined to start his own business.

Content Publishing.
But Not As You Know It.

He packed up his experience and launched ALSOF as a book publishing company for brands and celebrities, positioning them as thought leaders and authorities in their fields of expertise. He knew that relationships and storytelling were at the crux of the human experience, and the driving force behind every decision. Not digital you say? The books on Amazon had short descriptions attached with links to the brands' websites, which gave them a huge SEO boost from Amazon.

International Expansion

After determining that the future of advertising was in digital and inbound marketing, he took the natural step of switching to publishing ebooks, blogs and online content. ALSOF expanded services to include video and visual content. We opened new offices in Jakarta, Indonesia, the Ukraine and Tel Aviv, Israel. Our team and vision was growing, and so was demand. 

Our Video Content Team Grows

Trouble in Paradise

But without warning, the dreaded moment of many an entrepreneurial story struck, leaving Justin and ALSOF at their near-quitting point. Just as business had begun spreading and looking up everything came crashing down. Justin was settling in to new fatherhood when ALSOF lost two of its major clients. The event left the company in financial shambles, and Justin questioning whether this was the final breaking point. The inevitable question arose: was it time to pack it in and get a job?

Recovery & Renewed Growth

Despite the downturn, Justin believed in what he had begun and the vision of what he knew ALSOF Publishing could become. He pushed forward, and that same month the company closed on major accounts with Oporto and Red Rooster. A deal with the Bible Society Australia followed on their heels, as well as a government grant for research and development for our now patented marketing system.

HubSpot Partnership

Next thing, HubSpot got in touch, and the synergy was uncanny. Eight months later, we were silver tier partners, with ALSOF the up-and-coming agency of the year for the Asia Pacific region. The international exposure led to new clients in global cities like Las Vegas, Singapore and Hong Kong. We have been charging forward and bringing growth to our clients all around the world ever since.

Today, ALSOF Publishing continues to lead the charge with all eyes on the future, with a driving position in AI and blockchain-based content marketing.

But at the heart of it all, ALSOF isn’t simply about marketing. It’s about upending the norm and inspiring generations and audiences to discover, collaborate and be all they can be by doing what we patently do best: pioneering new digital marketing strategies that deliver results in an ever-changing consumer landscape.